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【Routine blood testing】
・Blood urea nitrogen(BUN) Elevated BUN Levels are associated with reduced renal function. 6-20mg/dL
・Creatinine(CRE) Elevated CRE Levels are associated with reduced renal function. Male:0.61-
inflammation ・White blood cell(WBC)
Inflammatory conditions such as pneumonia and ovarian inflammation and bacterial infections are associated with elevated blood WBC counts, Since WBC counts may fall in cases involving viral infections or other conditions,WBC count assessments can be used to diagnose various diseases and to determine the severity of the conditions. Male:3,900-
・Red blood cell(RBC) count When the RBC count and RBC hemoglobin concentrations decline,profound anemia results, with symptoms such as dizziness,lightheadedness, and fatigue. Male: 427-
570 x 104/µL
Female: 376-500 x 104/µL
・Hemoglobin(Hb) Hemoglobin is a red pigment inside the RBC which plays a role in transporting oxygen throughout the body. Male: 427-
570 x 104 /µL
Female: 376-
500 x 104/µL
・Hematocrit Lowered and raised hemoatocrit values can signal anemia and hypervolemia,respectively. Male: 13.5
-17.6 g/dL
Femal: 11.3
-15.2 g/dL
・Platelet count Platelets play a role in arresting bleeding.  
・Red blood cell indices MCV,MCHC,MCH  
Protein ・Total protein(TP) Protein plays an essential role in building the substances needed for cell survival and is also involved in immunological response. Thus,changes in protein conformation reflect changes in tissue(composed of cells).Total protein increases in response to dehydration and decreases in response to maluntrition(extreme dieting,etc). 6.7-8.3g/dL
・Albumin(ALB) Albumin is a type of protein produced in the liver. It is a sensitive marker of malnutrtion.It decreases in cases involving liver or renal dysfunction. 4.0-5.0g/dL
・A/G ration The A/G ratio is the ratio of albumin to globulin.  
・α1-globulin Elevated levels of these globulins are associated with inflammatory conditions.  
Lipid ・Total cholesterol(T-Cho) Total cholesterol levels increase in cases of pregnancy,stress,fatty liver,hypothyroidism,etc,and decrease in cases of hepatitis,hyperthyroidism,etc.Sustained elevation of T-Cho levels promotes areteriosclerosis. 150-219 mg/dL
・HDL cholesterol HDL cholesterol is known as the"good"cholesterol.Low HDL levels are associated with various lifestyle habits such as smoking and excessive carbohydrate intake,while elevated levels are associated with regular exercise and freedom from stress. A decrease in HDL cholesterol levels promotes arteriosclerosis. Male: 40-86mg/dL
Female: 40-96 mg/dL
・LDL cholesterol LDL cholesterol is known as the "bad"cholesterol.Elevated LDL levels promote arteriosclerosis. 70-139 mg/dL
・Triglycerides(TG) Triglycerides are a major component of subcutaneous fat.Excessive retention of TG results in obesity,which in turn causes various lifestyle-related diseases,including arteriosclerosis,hypertension,and diabetes melitus. In addition to overeating,acute pancreatitis, oral contraceptives,and steroid medications can elevate TG levels. 50-149mg/dL
・Arteriosclerosis index    
Gout ・Uric acid(UA) People with high uric acid levels are likely to develop gout. Uric acid levels increase in cases of decreased urine volume and bacteriuria.  
Liver function ・Total bilirubin(T-Bill) Total bilirubin concentrations increase in patients with jaundice associated with hepatobiliary disease.  
・Thymol(TTT) Elevated thymol concentrations are associated with liver dysfunction.  
・Kunkel test(ZTT) Zinc sulfate turbidity is promoted in physiopathologic conditions in which(-globulin increases and albumin decreases and with liver disease,chronic infections, collagen disease,rheumatoid arthritis,etc.)  
・AST(GOT) Levels of both GOT and GPT increase in cases involving disturbances of the liver,heart or skeletal muscle,in which GOT is predominant,and decrease in response to beriberi,pregnancy,vitamin B6 deficiency,etc,Levels may be increased by certain viruses,excessive exercise, and medication. 10-40 IU/L/37℃
ALT(GPT)   5-40 IU/L/37℃
・Lactate dehydrogenase(LDH) Lactate dehydrogenase is the enzyme predominant in the liver,heart,skeletal muscle,and kidneys. The commonly measured enzyme is erythroctye-derived LDH. A marked elevation in LDH levels is associated with liver disturbances,marignant tumors,and hemolytic anemia. 115-245 IU/L/37℃
・Cholinesterase(CH-E) Liver cholinesterase is measured to determine the number of hepatic cells and the level of protein synthesis associated with the liver. It is commonly used to determine the severity of chronic hepatitis. Cholinesterase levels increase in association with liver cirrhosis and organophosphate toxicity and are associated with fatty liver,nephrosis (excessive urinary excretion of protein),etc  
・Alkaline phosphatase(ALP) The enzyme predominant in the liver, kidney, bone, and placenta, alkaline phosphatase becomes elevated in cases involving liver disturbances, such as cholestasis(which impedes the flow of bile due to bile duct obstruction),hyperthyroidism,gall stones,etc.Levels of this enzyme are suppressed in cases of zinc deficiency(dysgeusia). Placenta-derived ALP is elevated in the last trimester of pregnancy and during periods of rapid physical growth.  
・γ-GTP γ-GTP is predominant in the liver,pancrease and biliary tract and is elevated among habitual consumers of alcohol. Male:70IU/L/37℃ or below
Female:30 IU/L/37℃ or below
・LAP LAP levels increase in hepatic and biliary tract diseases.  
Diabetes ・Fasting blood sugar(FBS) Elevated FBS indicates glucose metabolic disturbances and diabetes melitus. 70-109 mg/dL
・Hemoglobin AIC(HbA1C) HbA1C is an indicator of recent blood glucose conditions during the past month.Consistent hgyperglycemia is reflected by elevated HbA1C levels. HbA1C is measured as an indicator in the treatment or management of diabetes mellitus. 4,3-5.8%
Severity of infection and inflammation ・C-reactive protein(CRP),quantitative CRP elevation is associated with persistent inflammation.  
Muscle ・CK Elevated CK levels are associated with exercise or the progress of diseases involving muscle.  
Pancreas ・Amylase(AMY) Amylase is the enzyme predominant in the pancreas and salivary gland.AMY elevation is associated with chronic pancreatitis and acute pancreatitis. Salivary amylase levels increase during pregnancy. 50-170IU/L/37℃
Minerals ・Sodium(Na) Both Na and Cl are markers for the maintenance of water balance in the body. Levels of both minerals increase in cases of excessive dehydration and decrease under physiopathologic conditions, such as edema, involving excessive water retention. 136-147 mEq/L
・Chlorine(CI) 98-109 mEq/L
・Potassium(K) Potassium helps regulate the activity of nerves and muscle(including the heart). It is measured to determine their activity.It can also serve as an indicator when medications that pose a risk of hyperkalemia are administered. Patients suffering hypokalemia tend to feel lethargic. 3.6-5.0mEq/L
・Calcium(Ca) Calcium is involved in bone formation,blood coagulation, muscle contraction, and other functions. Ca levels are virtually unaffected by lack of dietary Ca intake. Ca elevation is associated with various conditions, including abnormaltites of the parathyroid, which regulates blood Ca concentrations; excessive intake of vitamin D; and administration of excesssive estrogen. 8.7-10.1 mg/dL
・Iron(Fe) Dietary iron is required for hemoglobin synthesis in bone marrow. Approximately one mg of iron per day is lost via the intestines and skin. The amount of iron remains unchanged in the body under normal conditions. For iron deficiency anemia,which is common in young women,TIBC(total iron-binding capacity that measures the total capacity of blood to transport iron) tends to be elevated. Male:54-200µg/dL
Infection ・Hepatitis C(HCV) Hepatitis C testing is used to determine whether individuals are infected with the hepatitis C virus. (-)
・Hepatitis B HBs antigen testing is used to determine whether individuals are infected with the hepatitis B virus, while HBs antibody testing is used to determine whether individuals have a past history of hepatitis B. (-)
・Syphilis(TPHA) Syphilis testing is used to determine whether individuals have syphilis (-)


【Testing recommended for individuals with skin disease】
・Herpes antibody

・EB virus antibody

・Antinuclear antibody

【Option: Testing for Allergy(26 allergens)】
・Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus ・Aspergillus fumigatus
・House dust ・Cultivated wheat pollen
・Cat dander ・Soybean
・Dog epithelium ・Rice
・Timothy grass ・Tuna
・Sweet vemal grass ・Salmon
・Ragweed mixture ・Shrimp
・Mugwort(Sagebrush) ・Crab
・Japanese cedar ・Cheddar cheese
・Penicillium notatum ・Milk
・Cladosporium herbarum(Homodandrum) ・Chicken meat
・Candida albicans ・Beef
・Alternaria tenuis ・Egg white

【Option: Healty blood】


【Option:stress and fatigability】
・Lactic acid

・Pyruvic acid

【Option:Cardiac function】

【Option: Gastric ulcer(Helicobacter pylori)】


【Option:Blood type】

【Option:Immune testing】

【Option:Tumor markers】for individuals concerned abourt cancer From 900yen
・CEA Breast cancer,thyroid cancer,lung cancer,esophageal cancer,
gastric cancer,intrahepatic bile duct cancer,pancreatic cancer,gallbladder or bile duct cancer,colorectal cancer  
・PSA Prostate cancer
・CA19-9 Esophageal cancer,lung cancer,gastric cancer,intrahepatic bile duct cancer,pancreatic cancer,gallbladder or bile duct cancer,colorectal cancer

Tumor markers
・Male tumor marker  
・women tumor marker  

【Option:Nutrition conditions and fatigability】
testing recommended for individuals who are currentyly on a diet
・Ketone body

【Option:Active oxygen and oxidative stress】Antiaging
・Urinary 8-OHDG Indicators for degree of DNA oxidation
・Blood SOD
※Other options are also available,if necessary.
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