Tokyo, Minatoku, Azabujuban.Internal medicine, Pediatrics, Dermatology & Allergo-immunology, Beauty-Dermatology, Counselling Antiaging, Plasenta Inj, Ninniku,VB1,6&12 Inj, Hay Fever, Medical spa, 10 ban cream, Acne Cream, Atopic dermatitis Cream, Sleepless consult, Diet together Atopic dermatitis, Acne, Body eruption, Sleepless, Stress off.

TEL +813-3453-0510
Juban Clinic question dr.kinouchi Profile Consultation Nanotech Beauty Cure Column
Occupation Care manager・Nurse・Aroma therapist・Beauty Counselor
Clinic IryouHoujin-NakataKai  Nakata-Internal Medicine, Cardiology
Address 5-14-11 Hirai Edogawaku , Tokyo 132-0035
Nearest Station We are 3 minutes on foot from North Exit of the Hirai Station , Sobu line.
Director Seisuke Nakata M.D. Ph.D.
Phone 03-5247-1007
Interview Details are after personal interview.

Occupation Nurse・Aroma therapist・Beauty Counselor
Clinic Juban Clinic
Address #303, Castle azabu, 3-6-10 Azabujuban Minatoku Tokyo 106-0045
Nearest Station We are 5 minutes on foot from Exit1 of the Azabujuban Subway Station, Nanboku line.
and 7 minutes on foot from Exit7 of the Azabujuban Subway Station, Toei Oedo line.
Director Akiko Kinouchi M.D. Ph.D.
Phone 03-3453-0510
Interview Details are after personal interview.

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