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Blood testing

General body condition life style

Protein・Liver function・Muscle・Pancreas・Lipid・Renal function・Gout・Minerals・Diabetes・Severity of infection・inflammation・Anemia insurance
HIV・Hepatitis B・Hepatitis C・Syphilis ※Insurance outside ¥5,400

Allergic testing

Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus ・Aspergillus fumigatus ・House dust ・Cultivated wheat pollen ・Cat dander ・Soybean ・Dog epithelium ・Rice ・Timothy grass ・Tuna ・Sweet vemal grass ・Salmon ・Ragweed mixture ・Shrimp ・Mugwort(Sagebrush) ・Crab ・Japanese cedar ・Cheddar cheese ・Penicillium notatum ・Milk ・Cladosporium herbarum(Homodandrum) ・Chicken meat ・Candida albicans ・Beef ・Alternaria tenuis ・Egg white

Allergic option

Herpes antibody insurance
Cardiac function 〔BNP〕 insurance
Gastric ulcer 〔Helicobacter pylori〕 ※Insurance outside ¥860
Tumor markers(CEA・CA19-9・PSA) ※Insurance outside



Genetic testing

A simple inspection of only collecting the inside of the buccal mucosa.

Obesity ¥5,400
Hypertension ¥5,400
Dyslipidemia ¥5,400
Osteoporosis ¥5,400


placental injection 1A ¥1,080
placental injection 2A ¥1,620
placental injection 3A ¥2,160

Arm or, I want to both shoulders (a person of stiff neck).
First, you need a blood test.

placental shoulder block injection

Muscular injection

Laennec 1A ¥1,080
Laennec 1A+Biotin 1A ¥1,620
Laennec 2A+Biotin 1A ¥2,160
Laennec 3A+Biotin 1A ¥2,700

placental injection〔option〕

Metabolin G = Vit. B1 = for tatigability ¥540
Methycobal = Vit B12 = for Neoro pain ¥540
Entomin = L Carnichin = for loose weight ¥540
Flavitan = Vit B2 = good skin ¥540
Pantosin = Vit B5 = CoA = for Anti aging ¥540
Juvela = Vit E = for Anti COD ¥540
Glutathione ¥540
Pydoxysal VB6 = for skin Metabolism ¥540
Biotin = Vit H ¥540
ChocolaA = Vit A ¥540

Internal Medicine Injection:Fatigue recovery

Garlic injection ¥1,080
Garlic injection 〔option〕
Ripoaran:Alpha lipoic acid ¥540
Glutathione ¥540
Suprascapular nerve block ¥540

酸素カプセル/Oxy spa

Oxy spa 〔15'min course〕
〔Extension 1min ¥100)
Oxy spa 〔30'min course〕 ¥3,240
Oxy spa 〔diet course〕 ¥4,860


Fruit acid peeling

Fruit acid = AHA (alpha, hydroxy acid) is a natural ingredient that is also included in the fruit.
When applied to the skin surface, you will skin the original turn-up help the natural exfoliation of dead skin.

trial course ¥10,800
basic course ¥14,000

Low-frequency ion introduction (peeling optional)

Vitamin C + Hyaluronic acid ¥2,700

Facial Ju-ban course

(Fruit acid peeling+Foto RF 50shots+Iontophoresis+Oxy Spa) ¥32,400
(Fruit acid peeling+Foto RF 100shots+Iontophoresis+Oxy Spa) ¥48,600

ED medicine

※Insurance outside(External prescription)




Cialis 5mg
Cialis 10mg
Cialis 20mg


レビトラ 10mg
レビトラ 20mg

Foto RF

face:trial 30shots ¥10,800
face:basic 100shots~ ¥32,400
hair removal 10shots ¥5,400
hair removal 100shots ¥32,400

Other Products

Beauty cream

Derma Medico〔Hypoallergenic foundation SPF50〕 ¥5,400

Original beauty cream ※ご相談ください

10ban cream(Including growth hormone)
Placenta cream
Biotin cream
Insulin cream
Estrogen cream
DHEA cream
Acne cream


オイレクレンズ(Facial wash) ¥6,050
バラトーン(Lotion) ¥6,480
ミラミン(Beauty cream) ¥12.960
グリコジェント(Beauty cream) ¥11,300
ミラミックス(Beauty cream) ¥12,600
オクリプスシー(Sunscreen) ¥11,500

Hyaluronic acid injection

Hyaluronic acid injection ¥10,800

Sunsorit Skin Peel Bar

Tea Tree(red) ¥2,700
AHA(green) ¥2,160
AHA mild(blue) ¥2,160
Hydro quinol(black) ¥5,400

Medical certificate

Japanese One copy ¥5,400
English One copy ¥10,800