Tokyo, Minatoku, Azabujuban.Internal medicine, Pediatrics, Dermatology & Allergo-immunology, Beauty-Dermatology, Counselling Antiaging, Plasenta Inj, Ninniku,VB1,6&12 Inj, Hay Fever, Medical spa, 10 ban cream, Acne Cream, Atopic dermatitis Cream, Sleepless consult, Diet together Atopic dermatitis, Acne, Body eruption, Sleepless, Stress off.



Life style disease protect, Antiaging, Atopic dermatitis research .


Check and therapy of skin, Allergietesting, life style related disease.

Department of Continuing Education.

Ladies & Gentreman head hair loose medical consulting & therapy are appointed.

Medical spa by LED, Facial & Lipe Ethte are avairable for everyday, included 1~4 pm by appointment.

New LED light 10ban medical spa ( Anti Stress, & lippe ethte & Beauty face up program & pain & Anti aging )

Hay fever

pollen allergy 33 allergy blood examination,?
Therapy (Venous Inj, Muscular inj, Oral drug, Eye drops, Nasal spray)

For Cancer therapy:

For Cancer gene check:

Cancer gene blood examination: Blood VitaminC exam and heigh VitaminC drip can !


Male Tumor Marker
CEA, SCC, CA19-9, AFP, TPA, Elastase,
PSA, Sifra21-1, p53Antibody

Femail Tumor Marker
SEA, SCC, CA19-9, AFT, TPA,? Elastase,
CA125,?? CA15-3,? p53Antibody

Anti aging order made
DHEA, IgF1,??? H. Pirori ad,?
Femail Hormon ( FSH, E2, Progrsteron )
Mail Hormon ( Androgen )
CD3,4,8,????? NK cell ,? HIV , Adiponection,
Coucelling,?? DHC oral mucosa gene kid
( Onesty, beautiful skin, Bone, 89gene55 Items )